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Society looks down on people who collect the scraps of others, but what they don’t realize is that they could get more money in one day than what they get in one week working at their daily job from selling other people's unwanted goods.

I am no “make-money-quick guru” that teaches you how to make $1000 from $0 in a day with secret methods, but I have made a couple of thousand dollars from selling freebies that others throw out to the garbage. Super simple, and so obvious to do. Just overlooked, because most people don’t want to be seen…

This is how you can put multiple TV screens together to make yourself one Massive LCD Video Wall for your business, or even your living room

Photo by: The Technologenius © 2021, Project: 3x3x3 LCD Video Wall
Photo by: The Technologenius © 2021, Project: 3x3x3 LCD Video Wall
Photo by: The Technologenius © 2021, Project: 3x3x3 LCD Video Wall

What is an LCD Screen?

LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are a type of electronic flat panel display that uses liquid crystal glass and transparent electrodes to block or pass light through RGB pixels to display media.

In the digital signage world, we typically use LCDs in LFD (large format displays), tiled monitors/multi-screen tv/spliced display video walls, a type of video wall made of multiple tv’s combined to make one viewing screen.

LCD/TV display screens are cheaper, have slower refresh rates, and are thicker than other digital display types. However, you can still get a decent quality resolution from them.

How do I build my own multi-screen LCD video wall?

STEP 1: Installation opening dimensions

Observe the location where you…

Different ways to extend/convert a media source to your TV or digital display in another room

GIF/image by author, extending video to TV’s

I’ve worked on a lot of audio-visual projects where a video source (Free-to-air TV, Foxtel, TV box, cable tv, etc.) was situated inside a control room/office/data room, and got watched on one or many electronic displays (TV, Video Wall, Projector, monitor, etc.) located in different rooms of the building.

Maybe you have your Foxtel or TV box in your bedroom, and you want to extend the signal to the TV in the living room. Perhaps you want to install a projector high-up on the wall, playing from a media source located somewhere accessible.

Strategies to avoid the anxiety you get when you don’t know how to do your job.

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You’re probably familiar with that moment of anxiety when asked to produce work that you had no idea how to do. If you haven’t experienced that feeling yet, then imagine your employer asking you,

“Hey (insert your name), I need you to (insert the job requirement you are most afraid of someone asking you to do because you don’t know how to do it, or you have never done it before). I need that done for me ASAP”;

Your body heats-up rapidly all of a sudden.

Your sweating excessively, and keep having to wipe the sweat off your forehead.


7 steps comprehensive guide to a DIY home security camera system

Image by Author, Reolink Security Camera installation project
Image by Author, Reolink Security Camera installation project
Image by Author, Reolink Security Camera installation project

Intruders could attack you and your family in your home when you least expect it. An effective security camera system alerts you on your phone whenever there might be unexpected activity around your house while you’re away or in bed.

You could catch a thief amid stealing that special gift your late parent gave you, or save a family member’s life from a hostile intruder.

Buying and installing a security camera system can be expensive. Decent quality security camera systems could cost you around a thousand, and the installation cost could set you back about another half of that.


Some of us may seem outgoing, friendly, and enthusiastic in the workplace but are secretly introverted. It's not fake; It's survival.

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The workplace has become a place biased to benefit those with extroverted characteristics, making it hard for the average introvert to want to come into work to make a living.

Things like open-concept offices, brainstorm meetings, micro-management, collaborative work, etc. are all pitfalls for an introvert in the workplace.

A 2018 study by the Center for Economic Behavior and Inequality suggests that extroverts make more money than introverts. It is easy to understand why that is so, as communication skills are the basis of career success.

Like me and many others, introverts have learned to mimic extroverts’ behaviors to fit…

Guide on how you can increase comfort at home with Smart Home Automation Technology, that you can easily install yourself today.

Photo by: The Technologenius © 2021, Smart Home Automation
Photo by: The Technologenius © 2021, Smart Home Automation
Photo by: The Technologenius © 2021, Project: Smart Home Automation

Imagine coming home late from work, and it’s already dark. You are just parking your car in the garage, as the lights automatically turn on for you. You feel grateful to have the lights turn on without you rubbing your hand against the wall looking for the light switch.

You grab your lunchbox from the car, swing your work bag over your shoulder and open the door to enter the house. You are greeted with the kitchen lights gradually filling up the room: You feel warm and comfortable by your home welcoming you in such a manner.

You put your…

That’s not always the case, and this is why.

Jack of All Trades vs Specialist
Jack of All Trades vs Specialist
Photos by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels, Edited by The Technologenius

Most people often see a “Jack of All Trades” as individuals who lack focus and can only do a little of everything, with generalized skills and no expertise. A Jack of All Trades is a title used as a complement to a handyperson that can provide a “one-stop-shop” service.

A specialist has the authority to speak about specific topics with credibility and have a higher chance of success than a generalist when we look into smaller niches.

Still, sometimes, the advice of a specialist is incomplete to the bigger picture. This is when the generalist has a chance for success…

You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create your own engaging Digital Signage Display Advertising to use for your small business. I will show you step by step in this guide on one method you can do yourself while you are on a tight budget.

Photo and edit by: The Technologenius © 2021, Project: Cheap and Easy DIY Digital Signage
Photo and edit by: The Technologenius © 2021, Project: Cheap and Easy DIY Digital Signage
Photo and Edit by The Technologenius © 2021, Project: Cheap & Easy Digital Signage

Digital Signage Displays are becoming more popular for brand marketing and advertising as our knowledge of human behavior becomes more apparent regarding what attracts people to buy.

Studies show that 90% of the human brain process information visually over other sensory types. The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text.

Many businesses have adopted the Digital Signage trend once they’ve realized its results in attracting customers. …

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